Vendor Spotlight: Hearth & Home Technologies

Staff cozy up to the donated stove in the Lakeview House

This donation to the MAC lodge really warmed our hearts

On this chilly winter day in Minnesota, here’s a little warmer-upper. This week we fired up the new fireplace inserts in the Margaret A. Cargill (MAC) Lodge for the first time. The warm glow was seen and felt throughout the new day-rooms from these super-efficient pellet-burning wood stove inserts.

There is a heart-warming human twist to this story. It all starts on a school bus. About a year ago, Chad Hendrickson chaperoned his child’s 5th grade school trip to Wolf Ridge. He and naturalist Peter Harris got to chatting while the students ran experiments in “Energy in My Home” class. Chad was inspired by Wolf Ridge’s goal to make its new MAC Lodge the first to be fully certified by Living Building Challenge in the northern United States.

This weeks test burn in the MAC lodge sets off a warm glow

Chad, an employee at Hearth & Home Technologies, saw an opportunity to help us attain that goal. Hearth & Home Technologies (HHT) makes a wide variety of woodstoves, including the very type of high efficiency biomass burners we were in search of. He took our need back to his coworkers, who agreed that a donation of one new stove to Wolf Ridge would be a great fit for their corporate giving values. HHT, which is based in Lakeville, Minnesota, arranged for one of their dealer partners, Fireplace Corner of Duluth, to deliver the donated Harman stove.

Why Pellet stoves? They are a good choice for forested northern climates because they use renewable biomass pellets sourced mostly from waste wood as fuel, which helps keep usuable material out of landfills. They are also incredibly energy efficient, putting out BTUs at a much higher rate than cordwood. Their design creates a warm focal point for the residents who gather around the fire to share stories and ideas. Harman stoves in particular have a reputation for durability and will last well into the future.

We are so thankful for Chad’s initiative and for Hearth & Home Technologies’ generous donation. These stoves will serve not only to warm us during the winter months, but also as a sustainable technology teaching tool, helping us live out our mission to build an environmentally literate citizenry. We look forward to gathering a-new around MAC Lodge’s iconic stone fireplace and to the conversations that will take place in the warmth of the new stove’s glow.

If you are interested in learning more about Wolf Ridge, the Living Building Challenge, or in donating to the project, please contact us via We would be glad to have a conversation and/or arrange a tour.

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