Vendor Spotlight: Holden Electric Co., Inc.

For our first Vendor Spotlight we are featuring one of our neighbors from Two Harbors Minnesota

The Vendor Spotlight is our way at Wolf Ridge to thank our Vendors for the support they have given to us in our efforts of being certified as part of the Living Building Challenge.

Vendor Spotlight: Holden Electric Co., Inc.

What technical solution or product did your business provide to Wolf Ridge’s Living Building Challenge project?

Holden Electric Co., was responsible for the installation of the lighting control system in the Margaret A. Cargill Lodge. This was our first Living Building Challenge project and we were excited to be a part of it. We are a Northern Minnesota company, and being able to be part of something right in our backyard with such a huge global impact was a rare opportunity. 

What is unique about this solution or product that helps it meet LBC standards?

Most other lighting systems are manufactured over seas. Luckily, we were able to source our lighting control system from a local manufacturer right in Minnesota. This was an important consideration when selecting the right products. When you are a vendor working on a Living Building, you have to make additional considerations to ensure all products meet LBC standards, and one of the challenges is sourcing products from within 500 kilometers of the facility. Additionally, the lighting control system helps minimize power consumption in the entire building, which was a paramount consideration when attempting to create a building that is self sustaining.

Why did your company chose to be involved with this type of project?

This project hit upon many of our companies core values, one of them being our focus on utilizing local materials whenever possible. Beyond that was the opportunity to be involved in a Living Building Challenge. The LBC was something I had heard about, but never had an opportunity to participate in. When I learned Wolf Ridge in Northern Minnesota was participating, our company was very eager to participate.

What advice do you have for someone considering their options for a sustainable construction project?

Be prepared to research. Be prepared to work differently. Embrace collaboration. All vendors have to work together on a project like this to ensure the products, supplies and installation all meet LBC standards which are very different from a traditional build. You need to be willing to educate yourself and your team on proper procedure to remain compliant not just for yourself but for the entire crew and the overall success and certification of the building.

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