Wolf Ridge and Benjamin Moore Shake Up the Paint Industry

Because of the efforts of Benjamin Moore, the Wolf Ridge Staff can now proudly say ``Kids, this isn't just paint on the walls, it's global change.``

Wolf Ridge with design partner HGA Architects and Engineers of Mpls, MN had a specified a brand of paint for our set of projects for the past couple years.  A representative from Benjamin Moore along with Andrens Paint of Duluth, MN visited Wolf Ridge more than a year ago.  Andrens had a long history with Wolf Ridge, heard of our project and very much wanted to be a part of it.  But, Benjamin Moore did not have a product compliant with LBC.  The meeting concluded with a gracious “we’ll see what we can do” from the Andrens and Ben Moore rep.  Little did we know what they were embarking upon.

In August of 2017 we began construction of our 8000′ Staff Housing building, also the practice run at building to LBC standards.  We kept asking for documentation of LBC compliance from our specified paint supplier, an internationally known and distributed paint manufacturer, but none was supplied.  It was a great quality paint but they simply never produced the documentation.

Meanwhile, little did we know that Benjamin Moore was hustling behind the scenes to step up and lead within their industry.  In June of 2017 as we began our registered LBC project of the West Dorm, we learned that Benjamin Moore had not only done the work to get their paint documented as LBC compliant, but they actually got it Declare labeled.  Declare labeling is to building materials what an ingredients label is to the food industry and with a Declare label the product has been vetted and publicly displayed to be at the highest of environmental compliance.  Benjamin was suddenly our paint supplier, and the previous brand was out.

The story doesn’t stop there.  As HGA learned of the achievements of Benjamin Moore, they changed their company wide spec from the previous supplier to Ben Moore… for all their projects.  Just a couple weeks later we received a call from the national marketing executive of the original paint company, questioning what had happened, why they had lost the WR project but also why they had lost HGA’s spec.  The marketing executive flew into Mpls, met with our team and learned what had occurred.  He left the meeting stating they would be assuring all their worldwide paint products would soon meet LBC compliance.

At Wolf Ridge, it’s not just paint on the walls… it’s global change for improved environmental and human health!

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